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Participants of working groups within the limits of the project 158739-TEMPUS-JPHES WeNeT in Kiev
27.03.2010 - 1.04.2010


On April, 29th, 2010 at National transport university started the first coordination seminar international просвещенского the project «the Network of electronic remote training for improvement of professional skill in tourism sphere (Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia)» 158739-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS JPHES Wenet.



Conformity of educational process in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia to the European standards is one of the project main tasks of improvement of quality and efficiency of remote formation on the purpose of improvement of professional skill of experts of tourist area, and also. After all for today tourism became one of the most powerful levers of development of culture and mutual understanding improvement between the people.

Therefore the Ukrainian party has got to take part in this project nine high schools from different regions which prepare experts for tourism sphere (in particular, National transport university, the Kiev university of tourism, economy and the right, the Sevastopol economic-humanitarian institute, Tavrijsky national university of В _. Vernadsky, Ялтинський the management institute, the Odessa national sea academy, Priazovsky state technical university, Prikarpatsky national university of Vasily Stefanika, Donetsk institute of tourist business), also cover whenever possible wider "geography" of our state.




The tourist subjects of a direction concern and транспортников, after all transport - the main motive power of tourism. But НТУ takes part in this project not only as the interested party, and first of all - as the co-ordinator of activity of the Ukrainian high schools within project TEMPUS in Ukraine. The rector of National transport university Dmitrichenko Nikolay Fedorovich enters in Раду management of project Wenet and is the co-ordinator of the project from Ukraine.


Within the limits of the project in the Ukrainian high schools the created target groups, depending on specificity of tourism in the given region: on Ivano-Frankovshchine more, for example, practises "green" tourism, in seaside areas (Odessa, Sevastopol) - круизный, in Crimea - resort, and for capital one of dominating directions is "business" tourism. Each of these versions of tourism has the specificity, the differences, and requires the methodology of teaching.



From Georgia the right and economy university, the Higher educational institution COLLEGE TSNORI and the Batumi sea academy take part in the project the Tbilisi state university of economic relations, Kutaisi.

Belarus in the project is represented by the Belarus state economic university, the Belarus state university of physical training, Institute of tourism and the Grodno state university of J.Kupali.


Except higher educational institutions in the project involved the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Department of resorts and tourism of the Ministry of culture and tourism, Vseukrainsky association of educational institutions of a tourist and hotel profile, the Ministry of sports and tourism РБ (Belarus), the Republican Union of the tourist organisations (Belarus), the Ministry of economic development of Georgia and the Government of autonomous republic Adzharija as a part of Georgia.



University Paderbornu, (Germany), Economic university, Vienna, (Austria), University of Матея White, Банська Быстрица, (Slovenia), the European Academy, Бозен, (Italy) and Academy of vocational training, Равенсбург, (Germany) is the West European partners in the project.

In general the consortium of project Wenet includes 29 higher educational institutions, the Ministries, Associations and travel agencies from 7 countries.




«The European Commission yet did not know such huge project, - the main manager of the project Vyacheslav Nikitin speaks, is assigns to all participants certain duties. We should work harmoniously, accurately carrying out of all problems and maintaining terms. Only such fruitful teamwork will allow to carry out all problems and to reach objects in view in due time».


Major principle of realisation of the project - remote training, creation of the Internet resource with the main portal on the basis of НТУ. Each high school develops the courses, that is creates a selection of uchebno-methodical materials, taking into account specificity of activity of the target groups, and through portal НТУ does their accessible to other participants of the project. These courses are an original superstructure concerning base educational high school programs, and devoted to the obtained most on demand directions of activity in tourism sphere at present.




Through portal НТУ it will be possible to get access to an information resource of participants of the project from other countries - high schools of Austria, Germany. Italy, Slovakia, Belarus, Georgia.


The project will last three years with 15.


Thus the purpose and project problems is:


Support of process of reforming and re-structuring in the Belarus, Georgian and Ukrainian high schools-partners, and also support of their integration into the all-European educational space

Expansion and intensification of educational cooperation in tourist sphere of the EU countries and the East Europe neighbours

Know-how and experience use as high schools-partners, and educational institutions for increase in the payment at adjustment of system of training in tourism sphere.



Thanks to development of a tourist remote network of formation between Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia the professional exchange between universities-partners which as a result will lead to vocational training improvement of quality in sphere of tourist formation will be intensively spent and will promote cooperation between the countries in tourism development. Creation of national electronic training, (remote training) in Ukraine will allow to prepare much more more a wide range of experts and heads in the Ukrainian tourist industry from different regions.

With project realisation 158739-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS JPHES Wenet it is possible to expect a valuable and powerful impulse for increase of tourist formation at the Ukrainian universities (it agree the purposes "the Government program of development of tourism in Ukraine 2002-2010").



 of working groups participants within the project 158739-TEMPUS-JPHES   WeNeT in Kiev











Arrival of delegations from European countries

The Kreschatic hotel



Arrival of delegations from Georgia and Belarus

The hotel of KUTEL



Arrival of delegations from Ukraine regions

The hotel of NTU





Free time
Bus excursion in Kiev
Free time





19 00

Gathering of delegates from Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine (regions) in the  Kreschatic hotel hall to discuss financial matters





  The meeting of Heads of delegations with the Rector of NTU Dmitrichenko N.F.

 Rector’s Office


Topic: Presentation of the project 158739-TEMPUS-JPHES   WeNeT
The presence of press and media representatives


 Opening of the Workshop. Introductory speech of the Rector of NTU

          Room 333

Prof. Dmitrichenko N.F.


  Presentation of each project participant (country, higher education establishment, competences in the project):
Delegation from Germany

Heads of delegations:
Prof. Dr. Albrecht Steinecke



Delegation from Austria

Prof. Dr. Richard Fortmüller


Delegation from Italy

Prof. Dr. Milota Vetrakova


 Delegation from Slovakia

Marcus Herntrei






Prof. Nikolai Kabuschkin



Prof. Kvaratskhelia Niko


Setting joint tasks for all participants of the project 158739-TEMPUS-JPHES   WeNeT (Germany, Italy, Austria, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia)

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Steinecke
Dr. Viachaslau Nikitsin


 Coffee break



Press conference




Dining hall of NTU

Catering team


 Planning of events for 2010. Calendar plan of work in the project. Planning of E-Learning/Turizm training


Dr. Viachaslau Nikitsin
Dr. Guido Kaufmann



Coffee break




Planning of events for 2010. Calendar plan of work in the project. Planning of E-Learning/Turizm training

Dr. Viachaslau Nikitsin
Dr. Guido Kaufmann



Friendly buffet supper in NTU café




 Topic: Meeting of working groups «E-Learning»


 Work experience and the results of implementation of E-Learning courses in VETLOG project of National Transport University

Kiev, Suvorov st., 1, main academic building of NTU, room 333

Prof. Lyudmila Kozak



  Work experience and the results of implementation of E-Learning courses in VETLOG project of Preazov State Technical University


Aleksey Taranenko 



Work experience and the results of implementation of E-Learning courses in VETLOG project of Odessa National Maritime Academy


Associate Professor Irina Golubkova   



 Coffee break





Setting tasks for E-Learning working groups of all participants of the project 158739-TEMPUS-JPHES   WeNeT (Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia). Project guidelines for creating E-Learning Internet platforms in every higher education establishment. Creating national E-Learning platform in tourism.


Dr. Viachaslau Nikitsin
Dr. Guido Kaufmann Prof. Richard Fortmüller




Dining hall of NTU




The demonstration of distant learning platform “Prometheus” of National Transport University

The International Education Centre for Information Technologies, room  244-b

Prof. Andrusenko S.I. Malinovskiy L.V.




The development of open quasi-intellectual training system using MODDLE at National Transport University

Prof. Danchuk V.D.
Lemeshko Y.



Free time




 Topic: Meeting of working groups «Turizm» 


Tourism development tendencies in Ukraine in the context of the 18th UNWTO decision  

Kiev, General Zhmachenko st., 26
KUTEL, room 

Prof. Fedorchenko V.K.



Tourism industry needs within Belarus in the context of re-training of specialists in tourism industry

Prof. Nikolai Kabuschkin



Tourism industry needs within Georgia

Prof. Kvaratskhelia Niko



 Coffee break




 Short presentations of European partners on work directions in the sphere of tourism: Universität Paderborn


Dr. Viachaslau Nikitsin



Matej Bel Universität BB

Prof. Dr. Milota Vetrakova 



Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

Prof. Richard Fortmüller




Marcus Herntrei  



DHBW Ravensburg

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Fuchs



Friendly lunch





 Setting tasks for Turizm  working groups of all participants of the project 158739-TEMPUS-JPHES   WeNeT (Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia)


Dr. Viachaslau Nikitsin
Dr. Guido Kaufmann



Setting home tasks  





Farewell supper in KUTEL restaurant






Delegations departure





E-Learning-Weiterbildungsnetzwerk im Tourismus (Belarus, Georgien und Ukraine) Ukraine 01010 г. Kiev., str. Suvorov 1.